I survived arrival week/first week with lectures!

Last week was super busy! It started with me having to work on monday for the international office. The new international students were coming to B on tuesday and wednesday, so I had to make the finishing touches to the pick up schedual so that everything would be ready by the time they got here. Tuesday was fine, even though i had to work in between the pick-ups of the new students. On wednesday i started classes, so it basically felt like I was running in circles all day. But everyone was picked up, and taken to their home for the semester, and I could go to sleep at a reasonable hour..not.
I had another one of those sleepless nights, where you just toss and turn, and when you finally fall asleep, the alarm rings, and it's back to work.
So thursday was meeting,guided tour of the school and B, class, class, and home. I was totally exhausted. Friday was as busy, but different content. I was so looking forward to a relaxing saturday, just staying at home, watching some eps and then get ready for pizza,preparty and back in B party in Kroa. But alas, a quarter past ten my boss in Expert called me "aren't you supposed to be at work right now?"-Me "no?" -Him "Umm, yes, you are." And in fact i was supposed to be there, I had misread my schedual. So i ran out of bed, had a super quick shower and went straight to work. I finished at four, and was at home a quarter to five which gave me half an hour before i was supposed to be picked up to go and meet the internationals and take them to the pizza place...It all worked out fine in the end, and Kroa was alot of fun, but come sunday I stayed on the couch all day and night, and i just got up to smoke, pee and eat, not necessarily in that order though ;)

It might sound like it's a real bother having so many things to do, but it's really not! I especially like the job as a student assistent. I get to meet so many nice people, and I'm really learning alot about different cultures and languages. It's fun :)

Also today I had my first spanish lecture. It's going to be very interesting. It only lasted for like an hour, but starting thursday it's gonna be three hours twice a week.

(Hopefully I'll at least be better than them by the time I'm done)

Now I'm gonna eat something and relax for a little while, before going to naboen. It is monday after all ;)

I just wanna say welcome to all the new international students, and welcome back to all the students coming back to b:)

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10.01.2011 kl.20:17

Skriver en anonym bogg. Skriver om brystimplantat jeg skal operere inn den 15. februar. Fakta, fr og etter. Prver hjelpe folk som vil ha litt info, eller vurderer dette selv! Eller hvis du har hatt en slik operasjon selv, kanskje du vil dele den med meg og mine lesere :) Stikk innom om dette interesserer deg :)


10.01.2011 kl.20:45

Hei! Vil du vre med p topp 10 listen vr? Kanskje det blir deg som er med!:)

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Life Lemons & Lemonade

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Jeg er en jente p 29 r som for tiden befinner meg i en situasjon hvor jeg har ganske mye fritid, Jeg bruker derfor mye av tiden min p hekle, og tenke jeg kunne bruke denne bloggen til dele noen av de fine oppskriftene jeg finner med dere :)

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